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It is a freakin' unique experience I must say. So, how I came about this was from watching this Korean Reality (bogus) Show called "Let's Get Married". There was this episode where Kwang Hee & Sun Hwa couple went to make themselves perfume. So I thought, wouldn't it be cool if BF and I did it for our anniversary?......
The entire experience was really positive. We got more than what we came for, and we had a perfume uniquely ours to take home. What more can we possibly ask for?
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Love it!

Priti Ayer

Must say! I am impressed!

I was super sceptical at first. But I loved the results.

Absolutely!!! In fact From a once in a while perfume user, I've turned into a daily perfume user....I just love the fragrances I created the other day and since I know they have no harmful chemicals etc, I can use them every day!!!
In fact I'm coming for a refill soon!!!


Exquisite fragrances and meticulously planned workshop! I was charmed!

The extensive knowledge related to art of perfume making, the precision of personality   analysis, correlation between personality and fragrance, discovering the  myths, cultural influences and nuances, were a learning and delightful experience.
I simply loved creating fragrances that define me.​

An absolute must for all those who would like to understand their personal style and then create their fragrances!



: Jetaime Perfumery and DIY  Perfume Workshop . Create Your signature scent and fragrance with us

A truly interesting and unique experience. The workshop was well organised and very informative regarding the various oils and how to combine them to create your own signature scent. ​A very enjoyable and personal experience to share with friends.

Gail Ogilvie

I was clueless about perfume making till I attended your workshop. Who knew so many fragrances were needed to create one perfume!

Then finding out about all the top, middle and bottom notes was the icing on the cake. The questionnaire was interesting - by answering a series of unrelated questions you could tell what fragrance I was drawn to. I recommend Je t'aime to anybody who loves smelling good but can't find the one perfume that fits her personality.