Jetaime Perfumery creates Perfume workshop , team building & iconic singapore perfume scent

Our sense of smell is intimately connected to our experience of the world around us. It governs what we choose to eat, who we love and how we remember. Mix the Smell-experience with your Dinner and your client's will remember the event forever.

Through scents, we explore the complex intersection between art, science, and psychology. Allow us, to take your guests on a sensory journey.

Other Display Possibilities:

No matter how much you love your favourite perfume, it’s never been tailored just for You. This specially created fragrance will represent a dimension of subtlety and an aspect of character, unique to you.

Alternatively, you can also choose to create a signature scent that is definitive and reflective of a special someone in your life. Each perfume you create will be bottled in a beautiful 75ml crystal-glass bottle.

To help you customise this signature scent, please take our specially designed perfume personality quiz - this will help Prachi to guide you in creating an alluring scent that defines you or as a brilliant gift for your loved ones.

Services: Corporate Clients : Dinner and Dance Perfume Bar

: Jetaime Perfumery and DIY Perfume Workshop . Create Your signature scent and fragrance with us

A guide pricing for a walk-in perfume bar:

SGD 70 for 50-100 pax
​SGD 60 for 100-150 pax
SGD 50 for 151-300 pax
SGD 45 for 300-500 pax
SGD (35 per person + SGD 1500 flat) for 500+
Material supply only SGD 30-45, depending on your requirements.

PS: These costs do not apply to a smaller group. This is specifically designed for walk-in perfume bar with minimum 150 people.

Have any other idea? Need Customisation? 
Would you want custom logo on your bottles?
Would you want us to help your conference attendees during lunch or dinner?
Is it a fun-filled dance and dinner party?
Door gifts?
A formal Christmas party?

You tell us what you want and how you want it. We will do it. You want us to come up with an idea? Please call us at +65 91814871

Other workshop-options are listed below:

And pop-up stand are in place. Size of pop up stand is 80cm width X 220cm height. We have 12 pop-up designs to choose from. If you want custom made designs, you can give it to us and we will convert it into a pop-up.
The ingredients would be laid out in upside down glasses or jar with relevant write up.

One of our client choose: Tobacco, Rose, Leather, Sandalwood, Grapefruit, etc. You can choose any number from our 400+ notes and accords for your display.

You can choose basic perfume ingredients or we can compound aromas like : Mom’s kitchen, fresh baked coffee, baby powder etc. These ingredient get you in touch with our childhood memories and get people talking to each other about their homes, mothers, family and children.

Still don't like our displays, please call us and we will try our best to make your vision come alive.

Perfume personality flyers will be distributed beforehand in a plastic bag and pop ups are installed in a row. Layout will depend on the space provided.Participants can fill up the fun questionnaire and see pop-ups that relates to their personality. They will also have a print-out in their hands to refer to, which they can take home.   Of course we would be there to answer questions as well.

Dinner and Dance Perfume bar: You tell us your requirements, we will execute it. We have created and curated several 'Smell bar's'. Below are images of displays from SAM (Singapore Art Museum, National Heart Center etc) :