Make your Signature scent based on your personality Or a Perfect Gift for someone you love. 

We specialise in Orchid oils, particularly Native Orchids of Singapore. Besides these exotic oils, we also have over 400+ top-quality ingredients, flown from around the world, which are used in hi-end perfume making. 

Our Workshop is open all 7 days. Book Online or call for appointment at +65 91814871

We are Member of Singapore Attraction (ASA) and also Marked as 15 inspiring experiences (#9) in Singapore by STB and YourSingapore.

Your Tools

Our workshop is you playground. Explore, ask and enjoy.

Individual Perfume Workshop

​The individual Perfume Workshop is deigned for people who know little or nothing about perfumery. So we will start with a brief introduction about 'perfume pyramid' and 'fragrance wheel', along with few other concepts.

Your take home

You make and take home 105 ml scent. It includes 3 unique 10 ml travel packs + One 75 ml perfume in hand-polished crystal bottle. ($125 per person, all inclusive)

This beautiful fragrance made for you, by you. As us if you would like to engrave your name on the bottle.

Services: Solitary Scent Trip : Beginners Perfume Workshop

: Jetaime Perfumery and DIY Perfume Workshop . Create Your signature scent and fragrance with us

Perfume Personality Quiz: We would request you to fill up a questionnaire so as to understand you better. This helps us find your personality and match the oils. This will help you familiarise with olfactory families.​
Blending:We will suggest and you are also welcome to choose from 300+ selection.  Architecture of a good perfume usually is based on balance and equality. Be ready to be an artist and enjoy the process.

Jetaime Perfumery creates Perfume workshop , team building & iconic singapore perfume scent

Download Brochure for "Individual workshop" here. You will be redirected to google drive.