Perfume Personality Quiz: We would request you to fill up a questionnaire so as to understand you better. This helps us find your personality and match the oils. This will help you familiarise with olfactory families.​
Blending:We will suggest and you are also welcome to choose from 300+ selection.  Architecture of a good perfume usually is based on balance and equality. Be ready to be an artist and enjoy the process.

Jetaime Perfumery creates Perfume workshop , team building & iconic singapore perfume scent

Make your Signature scent based on your personality Or a Perfect Gift for someone you love. 

We specialise in Orchid oils, particularly Native Orchids of Singapore. Besides these exotic oils, we also have over 400+ top-quality ingredients, flown from around the world, which are used in hi-end perfume making. 

Our Workshop is open all 7 days. Book Online or call for appointment at +65 91814871

We are Member of Singapore Attraction (ASA) and also Marked as 15 inspiring experiences (#9) in Singapore by STB and YourSingapore.

Your take home

You make and take home 105 ml scent. It includes 3 unique 10 ml travel packs + One 75 ml perfume in hand-polished crystal bottle. ($125 per person, all inclusive)

This beautiful fragrance made for you, by you. As us if you would like to engrave your name on the bottle.

Download Brochure for "Individual workshop" here. You will be redirected to google drive.

Your Tools

Our workshop is you playground. Explore, ask and enjoy.

Services: Solitary Scent Trip : Beginners Perfume Workshop

: Jetaime Perfumery and DIY Perfume Workshop . Create Your signature scent and fragrance with us

Individual Perfume Workshop

​The individual Perfume Workshop is deigned for people who know little or nothing about perfumery. So we will start with a brief introduction about 'perfume pyramid' and 'fragrance wheel', along with few other concepts.