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35-75 ml perfume to take home

Anywhere in Singapore

Suitable for 100-1600 pax

We organise perfume-making workshops, which brings us revenue to support our artistic endeavour. We put equal passion in both : Assisting you in your perfume-making journey, as well as Olfactory art. 

Our workshop is at sleepy and artistic 'Goodman Art Center'. This was the old campus of SOTA and Lasalle, and has retained the artistic spirit. You may feel that you are in Bali, so be prepared to be surrounded by art and artists. However, if you are looking for glamour of ION or MBS, you might be disappointed.

Individual Perfume Workshop

Couple Perfume Making

Bespoke Perfumes


105 ml perfume to take home

Conducted only at our Workshop

Suitable for 1 - 5 pax

Maximum 5 people in one session

Team Building

Our workshops are for creative, design sensitive people, with heightened senses. We take immense pride in assisting you to discover your true scent. We work with individuals and large group both. We have three formats to ensure that everyone has a chance to work with us:

Artistic Ventures

Experential Events

Dating Agency

Brand Launch

Wedding favors

Corporate Gifts

Conference Giveaways  ........... 

Or just to talk : +65 91814871 ​

​About us: We have been studying "Ancient Perfumery", "Perfume Recipes from Brahat Simhita",  "Asian Ingredients", "Attars of the Great Mughals" and more. Our latest project is understanding "Original Orchids of Singapore" and distilling their oil.

There were 220 Native Orchids, of which only 80 have survived. We were able to recreate smells of 50 of these exotic flowers. Please let us know if you would like to make a perfume using these oils.

​Besides these exotic oils, we also have over 400 top-quality ingredients, flown from around the world, which are used in hi-end perfume making. When you start with something amazing, your creation will be truly fabulous.

Together we can create a beautiful, rich and exotic perfume that fits your personality. Or we can explore the 'Art of abstraction in perfumery'. Either way, this will be a unique, sensual way of putting your personality and imagination into a bottle.

Image of few of our events are below. Some artistic work from past like 'Smell of 7 deadly Sins', 'Singapore Smell Project', might be on display in a museum. But we are always designing new and unique smells. So, just ask us to show you the latest. Some of our artistic assignments are here.

Art Event
Perfume Workshop

Bridal Shower

Corporate Team Bonding

Birthday Party


75 ml perfume to take home

Anywhere in Singapore

Suitable for 5-280 pax 

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Perfume Bar

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​Proud to be part of SG50, Treasure SG and STB's "Your Singapore"! We are Member of Singapore Attraction (ASA) and also Marked as 15 inspiring experiences (#9) in Singapore by STB and YourSingapore.

We are not just thankful to Treasure SG, but whole of Singapore. Thank you Singapore for your support! We have been very fortunate to receive these fantastic opportunities and will try our best to serve you in the best possible way.

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