Fragrance Wheel
You would be surprised to see that most people belong to one or two categories. Even if their choices are spread out, usually they would have a dominant category. Jetaime Perfumery's perfume personality quiz would help you place your preferences on the wheel.
FRESH There’s no dividing line between aromas. You would notice delicate Citrus smells sliding into hay-like aromas. That’s what we call our Fresh scents. Once again, it would be easy to divide them into 3 sub categories. Hay-like Fresh, Aqua fresh and Mint Fresh. This family includes most of scents with pure, fresh and spirited character. The people who like it have similar personality. Radiant and Effervescent!
FLORAL This is the most popular perfume family. Once again, we can see the evolution of Deep Floral into Soft Floral into Floral Oriental. Florals turn soft when an aldehyde or vanilla is introduced to it. On the other hand, if we add spices or Orang blossom, it tends to become Oriental Floral.
ORIENTAL When warmth of amber is combined with Floral Oriental, we reach Soft Orientals. As popularly called, “This category smoulders then glitters.”! Next range is the exotic and evocative Oriental family. The fragrances in this category have dramatic, complex and unforgettable aroma. The third sub-category in Oriental is at the border of Woody and hence the name- Woody Oriental. This marriage between spicy and amber notes, gives us fantastic opulent scents.
WOODY This category is for the Divas. Again we are sub-dividing them into three categories. Mossy Woods, Dry Woods and Deep Woods. Mossy woods are the polished and restrained, yet sensual and dramatic. They are formed by adding Oakmoss and amber to Citrus, musk and florals. Cedar, Tobacco, burnt wood and leather turn these into Dry Woods. And Lavender turns them into Fougere.

Perfume Personality: Fragrance Wheel & You

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Soft Oriental

Woody Oriental

Dry Woods

Mint Fresh

Hay-Like Fresh

Floral Oriental

Soft Floral

Delicate Citrus

Fruity Citrus

Je t'aime Perfumery uses the age old Fragrance Wheel for classification, for simple reason that it has withstood time better then all others. In 1983, Michael Edwards had divided the wheel into four parts. Woody, Oriental, Floral and Fresh. Over time, Citrus became a acceptable part of the wheel.

Wondering why do we need this classification, grouping to Wheel itself? Well! Sometimes a women’s relationship with their perfumes lasts longer than their boyfriends. But some of us get bored within a month or even less. With plethora of choices available, it’s easy to make a wrong choice. One way to avoid it is to sticks to one’s ‘fragrance wheel category.’ The Fragrance Wheel allows us to uncover true character of fragrance, independent of brand and marketing. If also quickly tells us about the relationship between various different scents from all kinds of brands.
CITRUS! Are you already imagining scents that capture zest and vibrancy? Well! Strangely we have put Strawberry as Citrus? Well! That was necessary so we can divide hundreds of aroma compounds into 5 strict categories. If we sub categorize Citrus into Fruity Citrus, Sharp Citrus and Delicate Citrus, it would suddenly make sense.

Deep Floral

Aqua Fresh

Deep Woods

Sharp Citrus

Mossy Woods