After crimping and sealing the bottles, we are ready to continue with team-activities.

Activity 5: Brand it! - Choose a scent (or if time permits, create one!) to represent your table. Develop branding for it. See few Examples below.

Activity 6: Win this Auction- A simple yet fun game where team has to guess prices. The closest guess wins.

Activity 7: Ambassador and what are they selling? - Another activity played against each other. We can send details upon request.

Jetaime Perfumery creates Perfume workshop , team building & iconic singapore perfume scent

Activity 1: Few small experiments and quiz to understanding our sense of smell- Be ready to be surprised!

Activity 2: Using your sense of smell- See how much you remember and guess the smell. This is played across teams.

Activity 3: Personality test and understanding the results- Everyone takes a small test to see their 'Perfume Personality'. You will be amazed to see how closely related they are to MBTI results. Perfume Personality-test is compulsory and the test-results become the number of drops to be put in your perfume bottle, from each category.
Activity 4: Create Your Signature Scent: Separate ingredients for men and women. Colour coded and laser engraved bottles, to define categories and make the process easy and enjoyable.

​Call us at +65 9732 8004 or email to know more

Download our brochure for "Team Bonding here. You will be redirected to Google drive.   Other workshop-options are noted below.

​Our perfume workshops are unique, creative and entertaining. We will show you the exotic and great ingredients, ask you few intriguing questions, assess your perfume personality and ensure you have a great time.

This workshop can be conducted at your office, hired venue or in the comfort of your office. We can join you during lunch time or Friday evenings with wine, so you do not loose your important work day.

SGD 105 pp for 5-10 people
SGD 95 pp for 11-20 people
SGD 90 pp for 21-40
SGD 85 pp for 41

Our Corporate Client's list is here

Services: Corporate Clients : Corporate Team Building

: Jetaime Perfumery and DIY Perfume Workshop . Create Your signature scent and fragrance with us

(Activities 8-11 are additional ideas, if you would like to replace standard program with other activities:

​Activity 8: Meet the leaders - Custom activity, prepared on questions provided by company. Details on request.

Activity 9: Who Am I? Meet the losers and guess which achievers they turned into?

Activity 10: Create Your Company's 'Personality Grid- See how similar to varied your group is! How will you resolve issues with such similar/dis-similar scenarios.

Activity 11: Commercial Production to sell you perfect perfume on TV. See an Example below.

Call +65 9181 4871 if you have any other idea or requirements.

Perfume Workshop & 5 Senses Team Bonding (Half-day : Described below)

+ Option to include MBTI  (Full-day: Please call +65 9181 4871 for info) 

Bond and collaborate over 8+ activities that ensure fun-time. These activities are designed so you can appreciate 'Your sense of smell', assess 'Your personality' and also understand the 'Team's personality'. Other highlights:

  • Every one will make and take home 75ml signature scent in a hand-polished crystal bottle, based on their personality.
  • 1000 Sq Ft of Perfumery, which can accommodate approx 62 pax
  • Completely mobile and have conducted events in range of hotels, office, clubs etc
  • Min 5 pax- Max 180 pax group size
  • Laser Engrave Your Logo on the bottle
  • Non-Alcoholic and Alcohol based perfume-making options.
  • Catering can be organised, with Veg and Halal food options.
  • Pickup bus can be organised, upon request
  • Click here for corporate client list

About Us: We are Member of Singapore Attraction (ASA)and also Marked as 15 inspiring experiences (#9) in Singapore by STB and YourSingapore.

Before we start: We would like to split the group in small teams. Hope you will allow us and perhaps will provide us the team-list before hand.