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Services: Solitary Scent Trip : Bespoke Perfume Workshop

: Jetaime Perfumery and DIY Perfume Workshop . Create Your signature scent and fragrance with us

Material at our Perfumery

This experience at Je-T’aime will last for about 3 hours.

Step 1: Familiarisation: Your perfume organ is laden with top-quality essential oils and aroma chemicals from around the world. We will help you in exploring it. Sniff and smell and tell us what you like.

Step 2: Perfume Personality Quiz: We would request you to fill up a questionnaire so as to understand you better. This helps us find your personality and match the oils. This will help you familiarise with olfactory families.

Step 3: Brief: It’s your turn to talk. Tell us your story. What defines your perfume today? Tell us an important memory, an emotion or an experience. How do you feel today? Pleasant, Soft, Mysterious, Discrete, Different, Romantic, strong or something else?

Step 4: Blending: We will create a unique blend for you, you do not need to get your hands dirty, unless of course you would like to.  

We will present you all the samples you made today and you are free to take your formula home. If you choose, to leave it with us, we will keep it safe on our server.

This is how Celebrities design their fragrance!

For full 3-hours, our perfumery will be shut for others. It will be just you and the perfumer.

We will sit together understanding what your like and dislike? What are and were your ambitions? What made you, as you are today. We will try to figure out what you expect from your fragrance.

In commercial world, it is often called as "brief".

Once we have that ready, we'll together get to work and translate your wishes into a bottle, creating a unique fragrance, that is truly your's.

This workshop is designed for people who are seriously interested in perfumery. If you wish, we will patiently explain the basic concepts like : Perfume pyramid, Fragrance wheel and few important ingredients. If time permits, we can  discuss about industry and other common perfume ingredients in high brands. Their benefits and problems.

Jetaime Perfumery creates Perfume workshop , team building & iconic singapore perfume scent